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Top Notch Representatives in Tool...

By: gwenaschuck | November 14, 2016

I'm a woman with limited chain saw experience and only use it once a year to prune my trees. This year the chain looked really loose and possibly dangerous to use. I always like trying to fix things myself but even with the manual and directions on the internet I couldn't get past step 1. That's when I went to Home Depot on Saturday, November 12 to get some help. In the Tool Rental department I met Rod L. a Home Depot service representative. He was a knowledgeable, efficient young man and patiently took the time to show me the steps to lengthen the blade making the chain tighter. Because of Rod L's kindness I've learned something new and will be able to adjust my saw in the future. Give him a promotion!

Home Depot Tool Rental

900 Terminal Ave Vancouver, BC

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Un non respect flagrant de politique...

By: Elhadili | October 7, 2016

Je suis aller aujourdhui pour acheter une batterie de cuisine.a canadian tire a des sources bon comme nimporte qu'elle client je regardé minutieusement la description du produit.bon jai trouver quelque chose qui me me presente a la caisse et c'est la surprise.ce nest pas le bon demande a voir le gerant qui clairement vu que la batterie qui est vraiment en special.est accrocher en haut avec aucune description et ca prenais un escabau pour la retrouver elle a la meme description que la premiere que jai vue la même marque dix piece aussi et le meme nom.c juste que celle que jai choisie avait une etiquette et une description et celle qui etait en special etait caché en haut.bref.que jai parlé avec le gerant pour respecter la politique de a mis cette erreur sur le dos des clients c bizzare que les clients ont mis le produit dans la bonne description qui figure dans l'étagère par erreur.comme disais monsieur amine le supposer gerant qui a gerrer...


Auto Service Incompetence

By: non-member | August 25, 2016

I spoke to an older male employee (grey hair, giant dirty mustache and glasses) at the service counter on august 25, 2016 at 7pm and asked if they are able to detect if the tire pressure sensors on my vehicle is operating as I believe the battery in one of the sensors is dead. He looked at me with a blank face. I expected a professional to understand something as basic as that, he then rambles on that it would be $95 to scan. He literally pulled that number out of the air. I told him Costco charges $15 are you sure youre talking about the correct scanning here. He then rambled on we gotta do a diagnostic on it. He was probably was thinking to scan my ecu which is not necessary. Most tire shops have a simple scanner which wirelessly detects the sensors in the tire in seconds hence why Costco only wanted $15.

Anyways I left because I didn't want someone who has no idea what I was talking about touching my car and next thing you know I'm billed 5 times the price and...


Customer Service

By: limey | August 10, 2016

The store is smaller, but is organised. There were about 5 or 6 staff on duty there. One was on the phone calling customers to let them know that their order was in, one was at the register, one working on a project, and the others were walking around or checking shelves?

I was looking for a specific part for my tool shed, but could not find it. Despite walking down every aisle, not one sales associate asked me if I needed any assistance. In fact, one looked at me when I came in the store, then later walked past me. This is the first Home Hardware where people did not greet me or offer any assistance. With Home Depot down the road, I would think that they'd want to differentiate themselves by providing excellent customer service.

Perkin Home Hardware Ltd

8650 Woodbine Ave Markham, ON

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By: Frindo98 | July 1, 2016

auto department manager Desmond Chatura is a outright thief and it is under his orders that the incompetent staff continue to ripoff customers. they will take your vehicle say it has a ton of other problems and they cant fix the orignal problem unless the fix all the other (made up) problems. when you refuse they will charge you a 200-400 release fee or they wont give you your vehicle back. i dont know how they have stayed in business this long i have never even heard of a sotre/service/company being this bad. Desmond should be in jail

Seasonal Department

By: leanna1616 | June 13, 2016

I had a wonderful experience when purchasing my Ryobi lawn mower at the Harmony Rd. Home Depot in Oshawa on Friday, June 10, 2016. The manager of the department was helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He made my purchase of a new lawn mower a pleasant experience, and I will be sure to make future purchases of my household and outdoor needs with this same manager. Sincerely,Leanna D.

Home Depot

1481 Harmony Rd N Oshawa, ON

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Worst service ever!

By: non-member | May 31, 2016

I honestly am not one to do this kind of thing, write a review. The service is so bad at this location it has driven me to warn others how poor the service is. Time and time again, every time I go to that store it's either a groan from an employee because they can't be bothered to help, someone pages a coworker because it's not their section and nobody comes, or you get your car serviced, wheels (so you think) only to be told that your wheels that were apparently on your rims are out of stock. Then asked to pick up your car with nothing done because they can't help. Awsome! Not!

Poor Display of Products

By: non-member | May 30, 2016

I used to shop at this location just about every week due to good prices advertised in flyer . In the past few months it has gotten progressively worse to find what you are looking for ! Instead of having products in the bins and aisles like they were before they are spread around the store in stupid impulse tables you have to wander all over the store to find what you are looking for only to find it is sold out ! This week was the final straw ! I had 4 things I wanted to buy . I found one of them , 2 more were in impulse stands and the fourth was in a shelf in front of cashier #3 according to one of the stockers . I looked at the long line of people waiting at the checkout and said to heck with it , left my purchase in the basket and left ! Never again !

Excellent customer service

By: non-member | May 28, 2016

Just want to shout out to a very educated and respected associate within the paint department. He answered my questions, make sure I got the exact color after color calibration and suggest me with the correct applicators. Akaash you are a great guy. Thank you for making my shopping experience welcomed.

Judy S.
Nassau County

Best customer service

By: Gloriam1 | May 22, 2016

I visited tru value today as I was in need of some items after being evacuated from our home in Fort McMurray I was greeted by a beautiful blond who treated me so well The personal customer service was incredible and I have never had better service or met such compassionate folks. I will go back to this store as it has everything you can think of and unbelievable service. Thank you for brightening my day

Bruce's True Value Hardware

4914 50 St Ponoka, AB

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Negative Visit

By: non-member | May 11, 2016

I went to Home Depot Nanaimo this morning trying to purchase some treated posts I was in search of 4x4x10 posts and they were down in inventory , it took me half an hour to search through half a pallet to find 4 good posts . When I went through the cashier (who was super friendly) I asked her for a small discount on the 4 posts as although they were good they were still full of knots and slightly twisted and I had spent over $4000.00 dollars in the last year at Home Depot . She informed me she couldn't discount lumber only the service counter could then the store manager walked by and she asked him . He came over looked at them said they were good and no discount and walked away with no only rude comments to me . I followed him asked him his name as he never had on a name tag or an apron . He said he was the store manager and his name was Mike Duvet yet my store receipt says another name for store manager. I believe Home Depot needs to send their store managers to sensitivity training as with Lowes moving into the trading area he has lost a customer.

Home Depot

6555 Metral Dr Nanaimo, BC

category: Hardware - Retailers

Poor management

By: non-member | April 15, 2016

OK so I went to the electrical aisle to get a few items. Found the location but no items. Spoke to an "employee" and was told they'll page someone to help me. Twenty minutes later still no one. Ended up driving to Lowes in Patchogue got help and my electrical components. Worst HD EVER.......

Canadian Tire - Auto Service

By: non-member | April 3, 2016

My Son is a Mechanic but he is always so busy with his own business that I thought I'd take my car into the Canadian Tire Auto Service on Kingston Road for them to fix a slow leak in one of my Tires.nAfter an hour of sitting in the waiting room with only one other person there, they told me that they couldn't fix my Tire. Okay, I probably needed Tires any how so I bought 4 new tires, but now I needed Tire Balancing and Alignment as well, which of course I agreed to, because they said I needed it.nBut that wasn't enough for Service Dept. suddenly I had a Oil Leak and Transmission Leak and he also wanted to check my Brakes and I needed a new Windshield Wiper. Wow, I was overwhelmed by suddenly things broke down since driving into this Service Centre, all of these items could need Service. Of course I refused the additional items and explained that my Son is a Mechanic and got out of there with almost an $ 800 bill.nOf course, I took my car right to my Son's Garage and...